Sep 1, 2012
no shadow today!

A New Year and A New Start

Where does the time go?  It is 2013 and over half gone.  I've been around but had some bad days and then there were the good days.  Life comes and you just have to keep going.


I love to make stuff.  Needlework, knitting, quilting, crocheting, you name it and I want to make it.  Problem is my neck.  I have cervical stenosis and with that comes the issue that if I do anything too long my neck hurts.  Reading or looking at my ipad, cell phone.  The way you hold your head, it does it just right to me.  I'll hurt for a day.  So I don't do anything fast anymore.  Not that I was ever burning the roads fast.

But I have a finish.  I hope to do one finish a month and post it here so that I will have some accountability.  I need that.  Otherwise, I'll just sit and while the day away dreaming of some fun thing or warm place.  


so, this is "Winter Friends".  Bought the pattern and the wonderful frame from a needlework shop in Williamsburg, VA "Haus Triol".  


Winter friends


Lets see what I can get made next.



Very nice. Glad you're blogging again. What are you going to complete for Feb?

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